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Whole Body Alignment Therapist

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{Nashville, TN}
Restore Wellness is a Natural Health & Alignment Therapy practice based in the Nashville, TN area

A Whole Health Approach

Alignment Therapy

Align for health ...

Hands-on joint alignment, massage, and alignment exercises in your home. For whole health.

Integrative Treatments

What You Get...

The best of modern medicine and natural therapies. Soft and deep tissue massage, joint alignment (from head to toe), hydrotherapy, corrective exercises, postural alignment testing, and more!

Video Sessions

Between sessions ...

Video sessions are perfect for postural alignment assessments and exercise updates between hands-on sessions. They are also offered for those who live out-of-town to receive the benefits of alignment exercise training from afar.

Visits include ...
  • Joint Alignment Therapy

    Gentle joint therapy techniques to improve alignment (i.e. re-align “stuck” joints) in order to promote healing and function.

  • Massage

    Hands-on soft tissue, deep tissue, and trigger point release massage for pain relief, relaxation, and improved healing.

  • Hydrotherapy

    Specialized water application techniques to improve circulation and detoxification for immediate relief and improved healing.

  • Corrective Exercise

    Specialized exercises to increase strength and muscle tone, decrease pain,  and to improve alignment for healthier movement over the long term. 

Work With Me

You can expect ...

In-home Sessions

Training and therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Integrative Therapies

Integrative health, wellness, and physical therapy using the best from modern medicine and natural therapies for a whole health approach.

Hands-on Treatment

Soft and deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, hydrotherapy, and other modalities to bring comfort and health. Naturally.


What our clients say ...

I contacted Angela and immediately felt at ease with her and assured she was looking out for my best interest. I received a thorough verbal consultation and physical assessment. She even performed an in house evaluation of my daily routine including how I sit on the couch, stand at the sink, etc to help me pin point problematic triggers. She was very accommodating to my schedule and planned her treatments accordingly. It was so convenient to have her come to my house for therapy.

With each session I felt improvement. Not only did I feel the improvement but I could see it too. Angela would measure my range of motion each week. The results were both impressive and encouraging. I also gained a noticeable amount of strength in my neck. The lack thereof was part of my initial problem.  My overall improvement at the end of my treatment course was remarkable.


She’s amazing! I went to the chiropractor for 17 years. Different kinds. None of them could fix my pelvis.

A month with Angela and the 2″ difference between my legs due to my crooked pelvis was gone! Oh, and my 2 1/2 finger width diastasis recti is gone too!


For the past 20 years I have worked as a Practice Manager for a medical practice.  With a lot of responsibility and long hours the stress and fatigue began to cause neck and shoulder pain.
Dr. Angela has made my life totally enjoyable and provided the comfort for productive work.  As a firm believer in physical exercise and good diet, a consistent treatment for tension is very important.

Aging is not easy. However, with regular preventive therapy my body is able to endure stress and hard work without pain.


I was experiencing severe back pain daily. Most mornings were a struggle to get out of bed. It affected my daily activities.

Already having been to a chiropractor to try to relieve the pain and not succeeding fully, Angela offered to visit me at my house and work around my work schedule.

With consultations at my house, she was able to see me in my element and work out exercises that I could do almost anywhere!  I was able to chart and see my progress until I had on most days no back pain at all!!

With Angela’s help I was able to go from feeling and being immobile to being able to move freely with hardly experiencing pain in my back. I am grateful for her expertise and positive Christian attitude toward knowing and healing the body. 



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