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Women's Core Rehab & Physical Therapy (Diastasis Recti Rehab, Spine & Pelvis Alignment) Nashville
Angela graduated from P.T. school as a manual therapist, specializing in back pain relief and general injury recovery. After having children she began deeply researching and treating women’s health issues.
After a few years of seeing her own private patients, Angela had her own health scare. Over the course of a few weeks, she spiraled downward and was bedridden for a time. With no explanation as to what was happening.
She discovered she was suffering from mold-related illness due to living in a rental that had an underlying mold issue.
Angela and her family quickly moved, but health improvements came slowly. After several more months of sometimes severe illness, Angela was also diagnosed with Lyme disease. 
Through it all, Angela struggled with digestion, and due to sometimes severe bloating, developed significant core weakness and diastasis recti (DR). Having treated many clients with DR, she knew all the right exercises to fix it. She also realized she needed to fix the underlying problem to get lasting results.
After much research, visits to numerous traditional, natural, and functional health practitioners, and experimentation of her own, Angela found the keys to support her body’s self-healing. Tired of extensive labwork and supplements, she focused in on simple, sustainable methods of healing.
That’s when the real health improvements came. And quickly.
Angela now has a much deeper appreciation for gut and hormone health to support the body’s repairing process at its core. She believes the body is made to self-heal and supporting it through that process is the key to results.
If you're struggling with gut health, hormone imbalance, inflammation, diastasis recti, chronic pain or illness, I understand!
I'd love to talk with you and see how I can help!