Core + Diastasis Rehab

Personal In-Home or Hybrid Online Coaching
Diastasis Recti exercises and rehabilitation can be found all over the online world. While not every program is created equal, each has its own unique and really great aspects. 
I can offer you a totally personalized in-home program OR a hybrid approach in conjunction with an online program.

Personal In-Home Core & Diastasis Recti Rehab Coaching (I’m looking at you, Nashville/Middle TN)

I come to your home or office and do a full program with you including detailed assessments, hands-on massage, spine & pelvic alignment, home ergonomics evaluation, and personalized exercise, with a whole health approach.

You’d be amazed at how many health conditions clear up once the core starts to align and heal.

Hybrid Coaching

If you’d rather do a diastasis recti rehab program on your own at home, I completely understand! That’s how I tend to roll too. 🙂 So, if you prefer that approach, I’m happy to support you with that too.

Here’s how it works:

  • I come to your home/office and check your core strength, assess for diastasis recti, check your biomechanics, spinal and pelvic alignment. I also assess current movement habits and exercises plus gut and hormone health (huge keys to success!)
    Check out my healing story here (Click)
  • We can keep going with continued treatments OR you can pick an online program and start going with it
  • If you go the hybrid approach, midway through your program (or sooner if needed) I reassess your progress in person. This includes checking how you’re doing with the online exercises, answering questions, measuring the diastasis recti, and offering practical suggestions for how to optimize your setup in your home/work setting to achieve better results
  • Next, You continue with your online program to the end (we can meet up again during this time if preferred) and we get together for a final assessment of progress, including the size of the diastasis recti. At that point you officially graduate. Congrats!
  • if you’re not quite there yet and could use a bit more time to meet your goals you can either keep doing your online exercises or we can take it to the next level with personal sessions. Up to you.
That’s it! The best of both worlds. Have your cake and eat it too.
Ready to get started?

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Or check out the program options below…

Online Diastasis Recti Rehab Programs

The leaders in diastasis recti rehab
While these diastasis recti rehab exercise programs are all well-researched and presented, as with any online program, each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. My advice? Find the program that resonates with you. The one you relate to the most and will follow through with. Because that’s what matters most in the end.
No matter what diastasis recti program you choose, I can help personalize and fill in any gaps in the online training (no pun intended – ok maybe a little). 
In no particular order ...

The Tummy Team

with Kelly Dean
The Tummy Team

The Tummy Team is lead by fellow physical therapist Kelly Dean. This approach is the same as the Tupler Technique (Kelly certified under Julie Tupler), and Kelly has created her own brand with that as her basis. It includes abdominal work and deep core training with breathing in addition to splinting. It also points out specific movements to avoid to keep from widening the diastasis recti.

Nutritious Movement

with Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman is a biomechanist and is heavy on the practical application vs. just doing exercises. Although she does offer a lot of exercise programs to use in conjunction with “moving more.” Though she doesn’t have an exclusive online diastasis recti rehab program, she does have a book and many online videos to choose from that are all applicable to closing up diastasis recti and improving core strength. 

Disclosure: I completed training and certified through Katy Bowman’s program so of the three programs listed, I am most familiar with this one.

The MuTu System

with Wendy Powell

Wendy Powell is a personal trainer with a specialty in perinatal fitness. She has a lot of specific diastasis recti exercises as well as biomechanics/posture training (Katy Bowman style since she’s taken some courses through her as well). She also has a nutrition component to her program and offers online support in the form of a FB group for members only.

Of the three diastasis recti programs listed, this one is the most comprehensive.

The links above are affiliate links which will cost you nothing extra but will give us a commission for the referral. We really appreciate your support and are looking forward to supporting your healing journey any way we can!