Skype/Phone Sessions

Personal one-on-one phone or video consultation programs are a highly effective way to get the benefits of integrative therapy no matter how far you are.

Skype/Phone Consultations are Perfect for you if you want to …

  • Understand your biomechanics (postural alignment) and what it says about your body and health
  • Balance muscles for strength and flexibility
  • Promote a healthy nervous system
  • Build a good foundation for balance and stability
  • Restore your pain control system
  • Improve the body tissue elasticity and resilience
  • Increase energy
  • Build stronger bones
  • Improve spinal (and whole body) health
  • Maximize your circulation for better healing and cardiovascular health


Please note: Exercises are diastasis recti and pelvic floor-safe and appropriate for all levels of fitness. For those with specific precautions or medical conditions, exercises can be modified if needed.

What to Expect…

Each package will include personal consults with Dr. Angela.

Skype/phone consult sessions are an excellent way to have an individual and detailed 3D postural alignment assessment and health systems review. This is a valuable way to effectively reach your health goals and identify the potential for underlying biomechanical or lifestyle issues that could either be causing a problem now or lead to issues in the future.

Initial Session

A personal Skype/Phone session with Dr. Angela to:

  • Listen to your needs, concerns, and goals
  • Review your health and lifestyle (including current lab results if available, past medical history, and current health habits)
  • Create an individualized health, exercise, and postural alignment plan based on your needs
  • Set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals for your optimal health


Follow-up sessions to:

  • Reassess progress and address any concerns
  • Re-evaluate postural alignment
  • Update goals, postural alignment strategies, and adjust the health/exercise plan based on progress

In addition to personal calls, you will receive a follow-up email with an official report from each session which will include specific recommendations to maximize your postural alignment and health.


Detailed professional three dimensional postural alignment analysis and dynamic postural analysis at both the start and end of the program to document progress.

The Postural Alignment Analysis

A professional analysis of your static posture by Dr. Angela with a written report for you to gain a thorough understanding of your postural habits and what that means for your body.

Addressing postural dysfunctions is a simple and effective way to screen for potential problems that are typically considered “normal” with aging.

Your postural alignment will be assessed three-dimensionally (from the front, sides, and back) to thoroughly evaluate your biomechanics.

The Dynamic Postural Analysis

A professional analysis of your dynamic posture during walking (gait) by Dr. Angela with a written assessment report for you to better understand your walking patterns and the implications to your health.

We were designed with walking as our primary means of travel. If there is an imbalance during the gait cycle (walking) it can cause serious wear and tear to the body over time, leading to dysfunctions, pain, bone loss, arthritis, and other conditions.

Having a gait analysis is an excellent tool to screen for potential problems in order to correct imbalances before they cause any long-term problems.

It is also a great way to assess for problems if you are already having symptoms in order to address and resolve the issues to prevent further damage from occurring and allow for healing to take place.


With the purchase of a consultation package, you will also receive:

  • Unlimited email access to Dr. Angela 
  • Your own private selection of movement class videos specific to your body’s needs and personally filmed by Dr. Angela
  • Printable exercise handouts with personalized exercises to address your individual postural alignment and gait imbalances with considerations of past or current medical conditions and modified as needed
  • Recommendations for simple lifestyle adjustments that can significantly increase the effectiveness of any exercise program and improve your health
  • Insider natural healthcare tips such as hydrotherapy and other remedies specific to your body
  • Home exercise equipment toolkit just for you!

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