Labor Prep & Recovery

Childbirth is an amazing and miraculous event. Something that requires diligence in preparation for, and gentleness in recovery from. Angela has developed a unique and comprehensive program to help you achieve your healthiest pregnancy, birth, and recovery possible.
Utilizing experience gleaned from years of study of national and international birthing practices, rehabilitation, post-graduate women’s health courses, and personal consults with professionals across the world in addition to having three births of her own and supporting numerous women during their childbirth preparation and recovery.
Beginning from pregnancy (pre-pregnancy if possible) and supporting you through birth, immediately postpartum, and beyond.
This program is for you, Dear Mama.
The Birth Preparation & Recovery personal program includes:
  • Personalized in-home or virtual visits
  • Body alignment education & exercises to strengthen your body – including the spine, core, and pelvic floor – in preparation for birth
  • DIY comfort measures and pregnancy-safe relief strategies for those pesky issues that may surface such as indigestion, heartburn, back pain, bladder/pelvic floor control, poor circulation, and more
  • Gentle bed exercises for immediately after birth to improve circulation for pelvic floor/core healing, strengthening and tone
  • Core exercises both before and after birth to improve elasticity of the muscles to be able to adapt to changes during pregnancy and after birth including specific preventing or repairing diastasis recti
  • Improving circulation for you and your baby through natural solutions. Perfect health requires perfect circulation.
  • Bed mobility, toileting, baby care, and household movement tips and modifications to gently care for your pregnant and post-baby body in order to prevent injury and speed recovery
  • Baby positioning tips (sleeping, holding, feeding, etc) for healthy sleep, muscle balance, developmental milestones, and overall healthy alignment for you and your little one

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