Practical Women’s Wellness

Practical and simple women’s health and fitness for support through life’s many phases. Whether an athlete, new exerciser, mother, housewife, businesswoman, or retiree, we can support your health with strategies such as DIY natural remedies, movement hacks for everyday tasks, simple alignment and exercise instruction, goal-setting, and self-mobilization techniques. We seek to make health and wellness simple, practical, and doable. For life.
What’s included:
  • Kitchen hacks to get fit while efficiently working in the kitchen
  • How to use times of being still (sitting, standing, lying down) to your advantage to improve circulation, muscle tone, and health
  • Working in the garden or yard as a full fitness plan
  • The best place to exercise to exponentially increase your results
  • Simple postural tips to improve your health and fitness, no matter how much you exercise
  • 8 game-changing strategies to take your health to the next level
And much more …

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